Arm in Arm  die Schönheit der Altstadt entdecken

Esslingen's Old Town is enchanting

In beautiful weather, the half-timbered houses outshine each other

Esslingen - much to discover, much to tell

The romantic Old Town with its more than 200 half-timbered houses, its wine, culture and wonderful people - there are many reasons to visit Esslingen. Right in the heart of the Stuttgart region and yet far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can relax and unwind. Surrounded by the River Neckar and vineyards, crisscrossed by the Neckar canals, and crowned by a castle that never was one. Esslingen has a story to tell at every turn. It's a good place to spend time - forget daily routine.

Arrive, take a deep breath and marvel... You can't escape Esslingen's flair. Let yourself in for the special features of this city!
Best of

Best of Esslingen

Esslingen is more than just the sum of its landmarks. And more than just a town on the Neckar. If you are prepared to look a little closer, you will not fail to notice the special charm of the Old Town.


Historic buildings


Years of town history


The oldest half-timbered house in Germany


Keen on the city centre - discover the heart of the Old Town

The idyllic metropolis on the River Neckar with its picturesque squares and half-timbered houses is an insider tip for city explorers. If you want to delve a little deeper, it's best to book one of our exciting city tours in the English language.


Diverse opportunities for urban optimists

One of the city's great strengths is its diversity. Here you can experience a little bit of everything. Esslingen is green - parks and vineyards invite you to relax and enjoy various activities. Canoeing, jogging - swimming amidst Art Nouveau architecture. All this is possible and much more. In the pedestrian zones you can stroll to your heart's content. Our fine stores give advice and inspire: Adventure shopping is what we enjoy. And if you're feeling hungry, Esslingen's gastronomic and wine scene offers you the ultimate in culinary delights. Here, food is cooked and served with high standards. Moments of pleasure guaranteed.


The charm of a city on the water

The Neckar, whose canals meander through the heart of the Old Town, lends it a Mediterranean levity. Here, people live near and with the water. Everywhere, small cafés invite you to sit and relax.

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