STRAKU - Publikum und Künstler kommen sich ganz nah

STRAKU - the whole city becomes a stage

 Festival of street art in Esslingen

STRAKU - Street Art in May

Every spring is the time. Then street artists and artists, singers, jugglers, clowns and performers of all kinds meet in Esslingen. On several stages they show what they can do and entertain the audience. Open air - in brilliant weather - young and old marvel at the extraordinary skills. Especially the children are eager to take part. Good spirits and beaming faces are guaranteed!

Superlatives of contemporary street art and music in the streets of the Old Town

Willkommen - bienvenue - welcome! The world as a guest in Esslingen

The street art festival should be international and diverse. That's why more and more artists from abroad are now applying to perform in Neckarstadt. The organisers are pleased: the festival stages now stretch from Bahnhofstrasse to Küferstrasse. From early afternoon until the evening, the artists take turns at the various venues in the town centre.

STRAKU - Das Straßenkunstfestival in der Esslinger Altstadt - begeistert die Menschen

The city and its people

Festival feeling at the Neckar

Families, big and small children, parents and grandparents find their way to the STRAKU festival. Everyone gets their money's worth here, visitors and performers alike. Especially young artists who are not yet so well known are rolled out the red carpet here. And the audience is not stingy with applause.

Other event highlights

The STRAKU maker

 Philipp Falser is chairman of Netzwerk Kultur Esslingen and initiator of numerous cultural festivals. He is the founder of Schauspiel KUNSTDRUCK e.V. and artistic director of the Kunstdruck CentralTheater. His idea was to provide a stage for young artists in Esslingen. The concept was convincing. We'll be showing magic, music and juggling," says Falser, who, together with his team of organisers, is making sure that everything runs like clockwork. 

With our colourful programme, we bring joy to people, Philipp Falser is convinced. It's so nice to see how the audience enthusiastically joins in with the artists.
Philipp Falser
STRAKU - Das Straßenkunstfestival in der Esslinger Altstadt. Die Kleinen sind hier ganz vorne mit dabei. © Maximilian Schwarz

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