Film enjoyment open air

Atmospheric film nights beneath the open sky

Cinema at the Castle - pure summer feeling

Since 1993, Esslingen's Kommunales Kino - the KOKI - has organised the film event "Kino auf der Burg" (Cinema at the Castle).  Every year, tens of thousands of visitors come and take a seat on  chairs or on the picnic blankets they brought along, so that together they can immerse themselves in great film worlds on the lawn of the castle grounds. A wonderful tip for film fans and balmy summer nights.


Perfect festival atmosphere above the city

Esslingen celebrates the summer! Goosebumps pure, when many thousands of people in the castle grounds laugh and have a nice movie experience together. Wide-ranging gastronomy - even international booths with Indian or Ethiopian food on sale - lets the visitors also enjoy the evening with culinary delights. The motto could be: Meet friends - celebrate life!

Festival-Feeling beim Kino auf der Burg

Those who love to party open air like to come to esslingen

The people of Esslingen like to celebrate

The new summer festival ESTiVAL also inspires people

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The Kommunales Kino - an institution in Esslingen

In a good four decades, the Kommunales Kino Esslingen - sponsored by the City of Esslingen and MFG-Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg - has developed into a fixed and valued part of the city's cultural scene.

The Kommunales Kino in Esslingen shows films from all over the world beyond the mainstream throughout the year. It organises the Queer Film Festival and the Golden Onion, an in-house film award for the best European production. Every spring, Kommunales Kino hosts the Crime Days with exciting films. There are also regular GONZO - films for children. The Kommunales Kino is a non-commercial cinema financed by the municipality.

"More than in any other area, volunteer work plays a central role here: a good 3,500 hours of work come together in this way - not even counting the design of the film and music programme, hours of 'viewing orgies' in the preliminary stages."
The dedicated team of volunteers

Get in the mood for an eventful film night

Switch off, forget the world and just be happy together. Before the film experience, perhaps go for a relaxed stroll in the city, do a little shopping, sit by the Neckar or have an aperitif.

Junge Leute trinken Sekt bei Kessler

Before the ascent to the castle

A glass of sparkling wine at Kessler

In the Kessler Karree - on Rathausplatz in the middle of the old town - you can get in the mood for the movie night at the castle. This way, you can make the 200-plus stairs up to the castle with ease.