Fachwerkgiebel des Kielmeyerhauses am Marktplatz

Half-timbering that inspires

Half-timbered houses - the prefabricated house of the Middle Ages

Exceptional half-timbering

Esslingen is a city for explorers. And for those who have lost their heart to beautiful half-timbered houses. With more than 200 half-timbered buildings from the 13th to 16th centuries, the Old Town offers the largest inventory in the region. Almost all of the buildings tell their own exciting story - as an overall ensemble, Esslingen's Old Town is unique. Some of the half-timbered buildings stand out in particular.

Schwäbischer Mann
  • The architectural style of the "Swabian Man" can be found in its pure form on the south side of the Old Town Hall . This is the popular name for the symmetrical X-shaped supporting beams.

    Das Fachwerk auf der Rückseite des Alten Rathauses © EST

The Old Town Hall - A gem of its time

The Old Town Hall inspires every amateur photographer with its front and rear facades. Next to the castle, it is THE landmark of the city. The carillon and the astronomical clock on the north side are also worth seeing. Originally, it served as a merchant's hall and tax house. Today, bridal couples experience their moment of happiness here when they say "I do" in a romantic ambience in the registry office on the 1st floor.

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Daily carillon

Built as a half-timbered building, the north side of the Old Town Hall was given a Renaissance façade with a stepped gable, bell tower and astronomical clock. Several times a day the carillon rings out - the allegorical figures move as the carillon rings. And the eagle flaps its wings.

Die Altstadt Esslingens mit Altem Rathaus und der Stadtkirche

8 a.m.

12 noon

Der Giebel des Alten Rathaus

3 p.m.

6 p.m.

Das Alte Rathaus bei Nacht

7.30 p.m.


Going on a discovery tour

If you stroll through the city, you will discover new half-timbered treasures again and again. If you prefer a guided tour of the city, you can join one of our many city tours. You can see the next three dates below. If you want to know more, just follow the link.

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