Conquer the vineyards 

Hiking in the middle of Esslingen's steep slopes

Walk through the steep slopes along the River Neckar

In Esslingen, you can sit in cosy wine restaurants, stroll through the wonderful Old Town or go hiking in the vineyards. The landscape around the Neckar city is a real paradise for hiking enthusiasts. If you pack your backpack and explore the steep slopes, you will have a wonderful long-range view of the Neckar Valley from everywhere.


Viticulture on the more or less steep slopes characterises the landscape around Esslingen.  The steep slopes are supported by dry stone walls built centuries ago. Maintaining and preserving them is a great challenge for the winegrowers. Many of the old dry stone walls have to be arduously rebuilt by hand. Information boards to the left and right of the Wine Discovery Trail explain the history of viticulture in Esslingen. And show how difficult it was to cultivate the steep slopes back then. To ensure that families with children also have fun, the information boards for adults alternate with those for the little ones.

Steillagen in Esslingen bieten einen herrlichen Blick ins Neckartal und auf die Stadt

Swabian Wine Varieties 

 The wine history of the city of Esslingen ist long. And extremely successful. Even today, the vineyards are cultivated with much love and expert knowledge. People who enjoy wine will find the right wine for every taste in the Wine South. 

Touristinnen blättern in Informationsbroschüren

The Way of St. James

 To be on the Way of St. James once is a very special experience. No matter whether as a Sunday pilgrim or over several weeks. If you want to hike longer distances, you should cover a few stages from Esslingen via Tübingen and Rottenburg am Neckar to Horb and Hechingen.


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