Rund um Esslingen trifft man auf die charakteristischen Steillagen

Viticulture in Esslingen

Appreciate quality and tradition

Esslingen Wine

Almost as old as the city itself: In the Middle Ages, Esslingen was an important centre of viticulture and wine trade. Meanwhile, Esslingen wine is among the outstanding qualities at nationwide tastings. The city is surrounded by vineyards. Characteristic are the Esslingen steep slopes with their old dry stone walls. They are still a special challenge in cultivation today. Wine tastings with the producer are very popular.

Vinothek am Marktplatz - Weine aus hiesigen Weinlagen probieren.

Chic and modern

Vinotheque at the market square

With the Vinothek, a meeting place for wine lovers and connoisseurs was created.  The goal of TeamWerk Esslingen - the hosts and initiators of the Vinothek - was to revitalize Esslingen's wine scene. Here, Esslingen citizens, connoisseurs of good wine, guests and tourists can enjoy fine wines in the center of the old town. Always also with a view of the vineyards, where what you taste thrives

Drinking pleasure in the wine bars of the Old Town

In Esslingen, wine flows from the vines directly into the glasses. Add to that cosiness and down-to-earth Swabian food: that's the way to enjoy life.


The vines grow up to the city

The Esslingen bucket

Just how famous Esslingen wine was in the Middle Ages is shown by the fact that the "Esslinger Eimer", which held about 300 liters, was the measure of all things in the wine trade in southern Germany.


Hectares of vineyards were cultivated in the Middle Ages 


Hectares of vineyards are still cultivated today


litres comprised the Esslingen bucket


First documentary mention of Esslingen's viticulture


Esslingen Wine Hiking Day
 Drinking wine where it grows: delicious, live and simply casual

In Esslingen you can sit in wine bars, stroll through the wonderful Old Town or go hiking in the vineyards. Every May, hikers meet for the Wine Hiking Day. In the middle of the vineyards, hikers are allowed to taste wines, exchange ideas with like-minded people and enjoy life. Accompanied by delicious bread with lard - this is how to celebrate in the vineyard!

Only a few kilometers from Stuttgart, the former imperial city is one of the oldest wine towns in Württemberg. It is assumed that the Romans already brought viticulture to the Neckar Valley. The existence of vineyards in Esslingen is mentioned in documents as early as 778. However, the monks of the Middle Ages certainly profited from the cultivation of wine in Esslingen. Wine was part of their daily menu. And not in short supply.

From about 1220, the people of Esslingen began to lay out terraces on the Neckarhalde. This increased the quality of Esslingen's wine. The grape juice became the most important export article of the town, which was appreciated even in the imperial residence Vienna.

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