Weinkeller Einhorn - Außenansicht bei Nacht

Experience hospitality 

Wine enjoyment in the evening

The most rustic wine restaurants

Go out again and treat yourself to something good. Swabian hospitality is cultivated in Esslingen's "Weinstuben" (rustic wine restaurants). Finely cooked, lovingly seasoned, freshly served. Accompanied by a good glass of delicious wine. That's perfect enjoyment, just like at a friend's house!

Wine is poetry in bottles
Robert Louis Stevenson

Swabian cordiality

Esslingen has some highly recommendable wine restaurants.  And each of them has its own profile: cosy, chic, modern or traditional. As different as they all are, they have one thing in common: Swabian hospitality. No matter which innkeeper you choose: Each of them will give you a warm welcome. Because it is a personal concern for all of them that you come back again.

Gaststube des Restaurants Schwanen - schöne Atmosphäre. Hier sitzt man gerne

Schwanen Restaurant

Eißele Rustic Wine Restaurant 

To  good Wine also always belongs a delicious meal

The Fleischmann - Steakhouse & Wine Bar in the DICK Experience Centre

In a very cool ambience, the guest is spoiled here with meat of top quality. But meat is only one of the big topics here. High-quality wines and a Hawaiian specialty hardly known in Germany - Poke - are also on the menu. A dedicated team also ensures that the evening in the restaurant becomes something unforgettable.

I have travelled half the world and had the best steak in (...) Esslingen. Thank you for the Fleischmann Steakhouse! Seven stars for it from me.
A happy guest on the Internet who will surely come again ;-) 

Whoever drinks good wine, also wants to eat well

Swabian specialties create a good foundation. And they keep body and soul together.

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