Auf dem Esslinger Mittelaltermarkt lassen sich richtige Abenteuer erleben

Here the little ones feel great

Fun and games for children

Offers for children

The little visitors can look forward to special attractions. At the Esslingen Medieval Market & Christmas Market, families will find games and fun activities. For almost four weeks, children can test their skills. And off they go!

Farben- nicht löschen!!

The fairy tale tent

The fairy tale tent at Hafenmarkt Square is a meeting place for young and old. The programme of the fairy tale tent during the Market can be found daily at the information pillars in the event area, here on our homepage or on the Facebook page The Esslingen Medieval Market & Christmas Market.

Fairy tale tent for the little ones © EST

  • Naceur  grew up in an Algerian nomadic family. There he collected his oral repertoire of exciting and thought-provoking wisdom stories, which his mother and grandmother told him in the nomad tent and which he still guards like a treasure today.

  • Not only fairy tales from 1001 Nights belong to his repertoire, but also travel anecdotes, sayings of wisdom, the experiences of Nasreddin Hodja, exciting and peculiar experiences of special creatures of God, quirky characters or completely normal people.

  • Pirolina Rabenschön, winner of the 2013 "Golden Spindle" Fairy Tale Award, tells stories from five centuries and many countries. Wondrous, sad, instructive and  comical stories can be heard. For children and adults!


Experiences for children

Dwarfland is something very special. Here you can experience many exciting things, medieval games like archery, axe and knife throwing, dragon hunting, ride the smallest Ferris Wheel in the world or float through the air in the chain carousel. See what you enjoy! And in the meantime your parents will be drinking some delicious punch.

Die eigene Kerze ziehen - für Kinder ein tolles Erlebnis


Candle workshop

Candle making and handprint design

Market Square


Historical children's carousel

Kinder freuen sich über spannende Erlebnisse: Katapultschießen, Kerzenziehen oder Bogenschießen


Catapult shooting

Like the Ancient Romans

Das Mini-Riesenrad im Zwergenland - da bekommen die ganz Kleinen Glücksgefühle


Hand operated Ferris Wheel

The smallest Ferris Wheel in the world

Da fühlt sich jeder kleine Bogenschütze als Robin Hood



For young Robin Hoods

Mit Pfeil und Bogen einen Drachen erlegen? Das macht den Kleinen Spaß


Crossbow shooting

Here you go on a dragon hunt

Mouse roulette

Which house will the mouse run into?


Pure nostalgia - the historic carousel

The historic carousel on the Market Square turns especially for the very young among you. Sit in the fire engine and ring the bell - that's fun.


Many more experiences wait for you