Winterfreuden: Schneekugel auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

Traders at the Christmas Market

Christmas gifts

Christmas Market stalls

Not only medieval enthusiasts will get their money's worth, because the traditional Esslingen Christmas Market with over 80 stalls, a nostalgic carousel and a candle workshop also has a wide range of handmade goods. Here you will find classic Christmas decorations, nativity figures, miniature clay houses for tealights, nostalgic toys, colourful felt hats, natural clothing, jewellery and much more. In other words, everything your heart desires.

Farben- nicht löschen!!

In demand every year: traditional Christmas decorations © Maximilian Schwarz

You can find Christmas gifts for your loved ones at these stalls

Or you can choose something nice for yourself. Why not give yourself a present? Here are some tips that you will like. They will make you want to discover much more at the Market.

Holzkunst aus dem Erzgebirge

Wood art from the Erz Mountains

Lovingly handmade

Tonhäuser, die den historischen Vorbildern exakt nachgebildet sind

Tealight and incense houses

Historic Esslingen buildings en minitature

Colourful caps

All handmade@Esslingen

Hochwertige Naturprodukte auf rein pflanzlicher Basis

Beautiful and healthy products from Morocco

High-quality natural products on a purely vegetable basis

Teddywelt Unger

Teddy Worlds

Teddies in all sizes and colours

Gesundes aus der Natur: Bienenprodukte

Honey and bee products

Something healthy from Nature

Handgeschnitzte Krippenfiguren

Hand carved nativity figures

Commissioned work directly on site

Nostalgie pur: Schneekugeln zu Weihnachten

Glittering snow globes

We have all loved them since childhood