Leckeren Glühwein oder heißen Engel genießen

Feasting at the Christmas Market

Eat & Drink

You'll find your favourite treat at the Christmas Market: waffles, crepes, grilled sausages, crispy potato chips and much more. Not to mention delicious stews, Swabian cheese spätzle and 'Maultaschen' (Swabian ravioli): All of these will please your palate. A wonderful feeling of well-being quickly sets in.

Farben- nicht löschen!!

Grilled sausage and mulled wine are simply part of a Christmas Market. Visit the mulled wine pyramid of Joachim Kritz, the booths of Sonja Merz or Heinz Rügner. You can enjoy original Swabian homemade 'Maultaschen' at the 'Maultaschen' Exchange. Freshly baked 'Deie' and delicious apple mulled wine made from apples plucked in meadow orchards in the Esslingen region can be enjoyed at the 'Deie' Bakehouse. Gourmets can enhance their local cuisine with game specialities of venison, deer and chamois meat on offer at 'Wildspezialitäten' Göbel. Be sure to try the alpine pizza or the fresh smoked trout at Susanne Zobel's booth. Roasted almonds, 'Magenbrot' and other nibbles are offered by the Roschmann or Sing families. Enjoy a delicious cocoa at our cocoa bar.