Frequently asked questions

The most important questions and much more information for your visit.

Farben- nicht löschen!!
  • From Nov. 23 to Dec. 21, 2023, the Market will run from Sun.-Thu. 11 am-8:30 pm and Fri.-Sat. 11 am-9:30 pm. On the day of opening, the Market will start selling at 4 pm and will be ceremonially opened by the Lord Mayor at 5 pm. On the last Sunday before Advent (Totensonntag), Nov. 26, 2023 the Market will be closed all day.

  • For a relaxed stroll round the Market, we recommend a visit from Monday to Friday. Experience has shown that the weekends are very busy. Families with strollers, wheelchair users are advised not to visit on weekends. The same applies, of course, to dog owners. Basically we recommend leaving dogs at home, if this is not possible, please note that your dog may only be led on a very short leash through the Market and, if required, must wear a muzzle for the safety of other visitors.

  •  No, of course not. But we would be grateful for a small cultural donation, from which the elaborate daily cultural programme with artists and costumes is partly financed. You can find the donation boxes at the Medieval Market Gate, in the New Town Hall, in the alley leading to Hafenmarkt Square and at the Living Nativity Scene.

  • The Medieval Market is directly adjacent to the Christmas Market. Through the large Medieval Market Gate at the New Town Hall you plunge into the world of the Middle Ages. The Medieval Market stretches from Town Hall Square over the Kleiner Markt, along the side of the Old Town Hall to Hafenmarkt Square.

  • You will find the Christmas Market on the Market Square between the Parish Church of St. Dionysius, St. Paul's Minster and Kielmeyerhaus. The Christmas Island with the EZ fundraiser is located at the Postmichel Fountain. At the weekend, the Ritterstraße becomes an Advent Market.

  • Primarily non-profit institutions and municipal institutions, but also private sellers can occupy one of two changing booths on a day-to-day basis. You are sure to find a Christmas present or two here. And you also do a good deed by supporting Esslingen's associations, schools and kindergartens.

  • At the entrances there are areas showing the daily programme. Also at the performing stages you will find the programme written on boards. Handouts with the daily programme are available in the Tourist Information and at large catering booths. If you want to find out a day in advance, you can also find the programme online on the page of the Esslingen Medieval Market & Christmas Market.

  • The Tourist Information Office is located directly on the Market Square and provides information on all tourist matters. You can also buy souvenirs, Christmas gifts from Esslingen and concert tickets here.

Evening atmosphere at the Medieval Market - alley with booths and lanterns. © Mike Traffic


  • Public toilets and disabled toilets are available free of charge in the Agneshof between the Schwörhof and Bürgeramt. Surrounding restaurants participate in the "Nice Toilet" campaign, including Markt 1, Café Museum (at Hafenmarkt Square), Restaurant Gambrinus, Café Emil, Palmscher Bau. The use is free of charge. 

    Fee-based toilets: The Medieval Latrine in front of the Old Town Hall and toilet vans in front of the Church of St. Paul and on the Kleiner Markt Square.

  • In the Ritterstraße there are ATMs of the Sparkasse. The Volksbank and the BW Bank are located in the Inner Bridge. A Deutsche Bank ATM is at Hafenmarkt Square. In addition, there is an ATM directly on the Market Square opposite the vinotheque of TeamWerk Esslingen.

Group offers

  • Is there a possibility for groups to pre-reserve seats at the Market?

    Buttons, beads, fabrics at the Medieval Market © Mike Traffic


    • For residents' and GEMA reasons, street music and artistic performances are not permitted.

    • The following is prohibited:
      - that weapons, including show weapons, as well as other objects and substances which are objectively dangerous by their nature or which are suitable and intended for injuring persons or damaging property, are carried, used, kept ready for use or distributed. This includes in particular irritant gas sprays, cutting, striking, thrusting and shooting weapons, electric shock devices, corrosive and colouring liquids, baseball bats and similar sports equipment as well as bulky objects and flags.
      - offering goods for sale by walking around, distributing advertising material of any kind or other objects, begging and peddling as well as musical and artistic performances. Anyone who opposes this regulation will be immediately expelled from the Market area.

    Help facilities

    • If a child is found alone, he or she is usually taken to the Tourist Information Office. Lost children are called out over the stages. If the parents do not report promptly, the police will be called in.

    • Your safety is ensured by a security concept that was developed in cooperation with the City of Esslingen, the Police, Fire and Rescue Services as well as external consultants and is constantly being optimised.

      Security officers and the local police station are also on site. The police officers go on patrol in uniform, but also in plain clothes.Take good care of your valuables! If you do have something stolen, contact the police station on Agnespromenade.

      After the Market closes, employees of a security company will ensure the protection of the Market booths and design elements.

    • Each booth has a booth number in the upper right corner. Here you will find the Malteser emergency number 0170 7290552. They will be on site with a first aid station. Of course, you can also get help via the emergency control centre 112. Please inform them of a booth number in the immediate vicinity so that you can be found more quickly.

    • The Lost Property Office in the Bürgeramt/Ordnungsamt at Beblinger Str. 3, Room 8 is open Mon-Fri 7.30 am-6 pm, Sat. 10 am-12 pm.Tel.: 0711 3512-2229E-Mail: