Schwäbische Platte im Restaurant Kielmeyers Besen

Swabian Cuisine

This cuisine is down-to-earth, genuine and honest

Great moments of Swabian cuisine

Culinary delights in the southwest mean above all: Maultaschen with potato salad, well-hung beef from a local butcher, fried with onions in gravy or home-made Spätzle with gravy. Each one of these three dishes makes a Swabian's mouth water.


Maultaschen love in the "Ländle"

Maultaschen are the Swabian answer to Italian raviolis. They are usually handmade, always deliciously filled and used to be THE food on Good Friday. Swabians could argue forever about whether they should be rolled or folded, with sausage meat or without, fried or swimming in broth. But they all agree on one thing: There's hardly anything better.

Lucky is the one who gets a table at the restaurant "Mattis" at the Hafenmarkt at lunchtime and can enjoy one of the delicious Maultaschen variations.
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Spinat Bergkäse-Maultaschen sind einfach köstlich

  Restaurant Mattis 

The best Maultaschen can be found at "Mattis"

In the Old Town, the best address for Maultaschen. Here you can find them in endless variety - and always homemade.  Vegetarian filled, classic, with meat or sometimes with fish.  The variety knows hardly any limits. In autumn, the chef adapts his recipes: Then there is game from the forest - that is: Maultaschen with game meat or with fresh mushrooms. Simply divine!

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Richtig gut: der schwäbische Rostbraten mit Spätzle im Biergarten Schwanen

Restaurant Schwanen

A good steak - pure Swabian happiness 

"Steak it easy" - If the  steak is well-hung, juicy and butter-tender, it almost deserves to be called "you". And the spaetzle are the satiators on the plate. The purist eats them plain, but they are also available with sauce or with lots of cheese. In any case, the real Swabian insists on having his spaetzle scraped. That is, they are 'scraped' with a practiced hand from the Spätzlesbrett directly into the boiling water.

The Swabian Viertele

What the Bavarian calls a "Mass" (measure) and the Hessian calls a"Bembel" is for the Swabian his "Viertele". In the southwest of the country, this means a quarter litre of wine. And a Swabian one at that. In Esslingen, as an old wine town, people have always thought a lot of this. "A Viertele schlotzen" says the Swabian when he enjoys a glass of wine. There are several cosy wine restaurants in Esslingen.


The Swabian "Brezel" (pretzel)

It's a star in the local bakery and perfect for a quick breakfast to go - a heavenly treat with or without butter.

Kinder lieben die schwäbische Brezel - da ist gleich gute Laune angesagt

Their invention saved the life of a baker, they say. He was supposed to develop a pastry through which the sun shines three times in the morning - and as the story goes, he succeeded. A Swabian "Brezel", crisp and fresh from the oven, makes everyone happy. It tastes best with plenty of butter on it.

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Other Experiences

In Swabia, people have always been creative and demanding when it comes to enjoyment. And they are proud of what they have. That's why tradition is top priority.