Kessler sparkling wine - luxury in bottles 

Sparkling pleasure for lovers of sparkling wine

Kessler - the oldest sparkling wine producer in Germany

In the heart of Esslingen's Old Town, handcrafted sparkling pleasure is created, which shimmers nobly and gold-coloured in the glass. For over 190 years, Kessler has been producing sparkling wine of the highest quality in a medieval "Pfleghof" (former monastery building). Here, sparkling pleasure is brought to perfection! A guided tour through the cellars is well worth experiencing.


The first German sparkling wine was produced in the medieval vaults under the former Speyer Zehnthof in 1826. To this day, Kessler still lets the sparkling wine mature there in the traditional way to a fine bubbly , aroma-rich pleasure. With its unique bottle fermentation process, Kessler has made a name for itself not only in the region but throughout Germany.

Eingangstür zum Kessler Karree

Kessler Karree

Highlight in Esslingen

A visit to the Kessler sparkling wine cellar

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Golden in the glass and an exquisite perlage - together with its noble taste, Kessler Sekt is unmistakable
Der Kessler Kellermeister mit Besuchern

Experience a cellar tour

Cellar master Nico Strieth explains bottle fermentation process. Towards the end of the ripening phase, the bottles are placed on shaking desks - the pupitres - with the cap facing downwards. Manual labour is still required: the sparkling wine bottles have to be moved regularly so that the yeast is released from the bottom of the bottle.

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  • The company has its headquarters in a medieval Pfleghof (formar monastery building), directly on the market square. On a guided tour through the 'catacombs' of the sparkling wine cellar, one learns many exciting and interesting facts. Tickets for such a cellar tour are very much in demand. Waiting times of several months are not uncommon, especially in the summer months. Our tip: Ask for your desired date in good time.

    Im Kessler Keller sorgen an den Wänden wachsende Pilze für ein dauerhaft stimmiges Klima. Kellermeister nennen ihn "Kellerkatze".  Diese Pilzart ernährt sich von den in der feuchten Luft befindlichen Gär-Nebenprodukten © Maximilian Schwarz

  • Excellent sparkling wine in a wonderful ambience. Whether you just want to enjoy a quick glass or meet up with friends in the Karree. Great gifts, beautifully packaged and always friendly staff! Kessler's sparkling wine is simply fun!

    Kessler Sekt zu Weihnachten - das passt! © Maximilian Schwarz

Celebrate love in a relaxed and casual way

You want a romantic wedding in Esslingen? Sparkling wine from Kessler is a must. If you're lucky, you can rent the festively beautiful Belétage in the historic Speyer Pflegehof - the company's headquarters - for your celebration. You can find more tips for your dream wedding in Esslingen here.

Esslingen is a wedding town. Every year, around 600 couples say "I do" here. And after the official part - the visit to the registry office in the Old Town Hall - there is of course a party. Where better have this than in one of the atmospheric locations in Esslingen's Old Town? 

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